Sheep Herding Demonstrations & Border Collies
Border Collies have long been the breed of choice for herding livestock.  They have been bred for generations for their ability
to think and herd livestock, and therefore the working lines of Border Collies come in a variety of coats,colors, and ear sets as
well as the possibility for one or both of their eyes to be blue.  While most people think of the black & white fluffy Border Collie,
as seen in the movie "Babe", they also come in smooth coat and variations in between.  Coloration can be black and white,
red (shades of brown) and white, blond (shades of tan) and white, tri-colored (black, white and tan or red, white and tan) and
merle.  Pure white Border Collies can also occur but they are not very common.  Border Collies' ears vary as well, from prick
ears that stand right up, to ears that fold down.  Sometimes one ear stands up while the other one is half down or just the tips
of the ears will fold down.  In the end, none of it matters as long as they can work livestock.  

As pets they need lots of supervision and stimulation to keep their creative minds from becoming destructive and if not
properly trained they quickly develop bad habits.  Unfortunately this happens all too often and many people who purchase a
Border Collie find out too late that they have made a poor choice and these dogs end up in rescue or a pound.
Our dogs are from working bloodlines and are either registered with the American Border
Collie Association or the International Sheep Dog Society.  We are currently not breeding
our dogs but we are always happy to explain the pros and cons of owning a Border Collie to
prospective owners in order to keep people from making the wrong choice
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There are many sheep dog trials through out the year all over the country.  You can find the dates for many of them by
accessing the websites of the
United States Border Collie Association .  For trial listings in the Northeast go the website of
North East Border Collie Association.  

We enjoy teaching the public about sheep and Border Collies and are available for demonstrations to interested groups or
organizations. Pricing is based on distance traveled and the number of shows we are required to put on per day.

Unfortunately all of the venues we were scheduled to do demonstrations have been canceled..   

April 24, 2021 -
CT Sheep, Wool & Fiber Festival - Virtual Festival this year
October 10, 2021 -
Scotland Highland Games, Edward Waldo Homestead, Scotland, CT Hoping to be a go

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Tess & Fearn
Fearn as a pup thinking she is ready to work.
Tess as a pup
RIP Tess
2006 - 2016
We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge
TF Greene airport on Sunday, December 3rd along with a littermate who went to Hope Hollow Farm.  She has
adjusted well so far and is still very excited when out on sheep and I can't wait for her to get out of the puppy
stage.  Fearn is very happy to have a housemate again.  She came from my daughter Sarah who is in Nevada
and has very nice bloodlines.  Her dam is out of Gwen Cassel breeding on the dams sire side and goes back
to Bill Fosher's Tweed, Sally lacy's Tru, Anne Devine's Jean, George Gardner's Scott & Carol Campion's
Imp.Liz.  The sire's side are all west coast breeding.  The sire is Mary Minor's Tane  who is succesfully trialing
in the West. Tane is out of Amanda Milliken's Monty.  Amanda and Monty competed in the World National
Sheepdog trial in 2017.