Our roving drafts easily and is great for beginning spinners.  It is also a
favorite with needle felters.  Our white romney roving is available again
thanks to Fitch Fibers in Bozrah
All roving is sold cost plus shipping - by the pound or in 2 oz increments.
Romney Roving is $25/pound or in 2oz increments at $5/2 oz. increments
Just in! Our own Romney yarn in white and gray.  Custom spun
for us in a two ply worsted weight at $20/skein. We stilll have a
dark gray 2 ply Connecticut Blanket Yarn with skeins that
average around 4 ounces at $15/skein.  We sometimes have
Handspun yarn which is $5/oz..

The Connecticut Blanket Project is a cooperative project for members of the Connecticut Sheep Breeders Association, Inc..   
These aren't your old scratchy Army or Navy blankets, rather they are soft, warm blankets made each year from wool that is
consigned by Association members. The wool is collected in early June, then delivered to the mill where it is washed, carded,
and spun into yarn that is then woven into blankets.  The blankets are usually finished and delivered by late fall.  The pattern
design on the blanket changes each year and the shade of gray varies depending on the quantity of dark fleeces
consigned.    We order King, Queen & Long Throw sizes as well as scarves as they are the most popular, however we can
obtain other sizes (Full, Twin, Throw & Baby) from producers that ordered them.  The long throw is great for covering up
while watching television or  another favorite use,is throwing it over the half of the bed of the person who always seems to be
colder at night! There are about 325 blankets made each year and they all come with a certificate that lists the Connecticut
farms that made the blanket possible..
Romney Roving
Romney Yarn
The Connecticut Blanket
100% Wool Blankets from Connecticut Sheep

Ordering & Shipping
To order just drop us an email at smurray@alderbrookromneys.com telling us what you want and where it will be shipped to.  Shipping is via
insured FedEx or USPS.  Once I have your shipping address and get your order weighed up I will contact you to finalize your order and arrange
for payment.  Connecticut residents are subject to CT Sales Tax.  We take payment via PayPal or Square Up and checks.  Orders paid by check
will be sent once the check clears. Orders can usually ship within a few days of payment except during our busy seasons when it might have to
wait for a Saturday.
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9.5" x 60"

new size 8" x 72"
Sold out

45" x 72"
Sold out
72" x 94"
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90" x 94"
Sold out
94" x 106"
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100% Wool Yarn, Roving & Blankets
updated 2/18/21 6:35 am Eastern
We are sold out of all patterns and
sizes of CT Blankets.  Thank you to
everyone that has supported our flock
and purchased one.
We have been told by the mill that the
2020 CT Blankets will be ready around
the end of February.
Sold out
2014, the Series 12, was the twelveth year of the Connecticut Blanket project and we
chose the Split Buffalo Plaid.  Seen here below on the right is a Queen in that pattern.  
New that year we also decided to try them in a scarf size and the 2015 Series 13 is a
smaller version of the Split Buffalo Plaid shown on the left.
The Connecticut Blanket Project Committee began giving each years blanket a special name. This year we chose to honor Anna
Burnham for her years of dedication to the Connecticut 4-H and the Connecticut Sheep Breeders Association. Anna and her husband
Herb raised Suffolk sheep and when her daughter wanted to show Southdowns instead they fully supported her flock too.  

Introducing The Burnham Hill
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The committee for the CT Blanket
began naming them in 2016 and the
first was The Winterbrook which was
named after the farm of Laura "Jo" &
Kirby Judd.  Jo was instrumental in
organizing the first blanket and many
more after that.
The Burlingame